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By Lisa Colette Bysheim

If Only

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If Only is a choreographic work by Lisa Colette Bysheim.  The performance emerges in the encounter between movement, sound and voices weaving a bodily and textual landscape. The intersection of verbal language and choreography is probed by five performers, playfully exploring the construction of language - and how it moves. 

If Only opens up a space for possible meanings and connections to arise in multi-linear ways.


Words diverge from the pathways of the body, uncontrollably, in chaos, into the seeping sounds of whispers from the space. Images and associations dissolve, rearranged as the voice takes over, mapping a terrain of voice and movement, while trying to contain the collapse.

Working within a pliable form, the performers move with ambiguity and subtleness, creating an array of potentialities. Through risk and playful listening strategies, the work examines the building blocks of language and its pre-established social constructions.


The sound design explores a sonic complexity of the human voice through digitally processed recordings, live input, and sounds created from its decomposition into its fundamental parts - pure sine tones and noise.




Premiere: 19. March 2021

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway


Shows: 22. - 24. March 2021

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway

Length: 45mins


Lisa Colette Bysheim  | Choreographer


Phone:  +47 40166053

Instagram: @lisa.cb



Lisa Colette Bysheim is a choreographer & dance artist based in Bergen and Oslo, Norway.


Her artistic practice spans from creating her own work, performing for others to collaborative creations. To date she’s been involved in several dance projects for film, gallery, stage and site specific works presented nationally and internationally.

Bysheim is interested in decentralising layers of engrained hierarchies in our social codes. She works particularly with language, playing with ambiguous text and choreography to open and expand the experience of navigating through layers of meaning.

Creative Team


Co-creating performer

Putli Jasmine B. Hellesen received her BA from The Norwegian University College of Dance in 2018. Since then she has freelanced as a dance teacher and dancer in Norway. In 2019 she performed at Oslo Jazz Dance Festival in “Mens verden går forbi” and at CODA Oslo International Dance Festival during “Untaming tradition” in the Sami choreographer Elle Sofe’s piece “Don’t judge the dog by its fur” which will tour in 2021 through DKS Trøndelag.


Putli has been a part of Lisa Colette Bysheim´s research since Dec 2019, performing in a progress sharing during Oktoberdans 2020, BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen. Putli is currently taking her MA in Performative Dance at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and will graduate in June 2021. 



Choreography, Concept & Text:

Lisa Colette Bysheim

Sound design: Mike McCormick

Light design: Eirik Lie Hegre

Co-creating performers:

Anu Laiho, Putli Hellesen, Venla Niitemaa,

Emilie Marie Karlsen & Ole Marius Støle

Costume design team:

Nathan Neyaro,

Clara Carstensen Heinius & Linus Saxvik

Internal supervisor:

Janne-Camilla Lyster & Bojana Cvejic

External supervisor:

Ingrid Berger Myhre

Photos: Takumi Morozumi

Supported by the MA Choreography program at Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Special thanks to

Janne-Camilla Lyster, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Per Roar Thorsnes, Anne-Grete Eriksen & Bojana Cvejic.



Instagram: @lisa.cb

Quote used in the performance:

“But if one tries to collapse the category, the roof falls on ones head”. 

— Anne Boyer, Garments Against Women (2015)

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