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Like we were together. (2018)

A film by: David Alræk, Katrine Patry and Lisa Colette Bysheim.

Three dancers play in an empty warehouse. Finding joy in following through and completing desires. A short film exploring layers of communication, how everyday acts can be captured and meanings transformed through comments and contrasting suggestions. A continuous process of discovery, play. Like they were together.

length: 7mins


10th Dec 2018 atTag Team, Bergen as a part of Prøverommet´s event

"Performativity Beyond the Body"


- The Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, India (2019).

- Ibrida, Festival delle arti intermediali, Italy (2019).

Variations of suspension | drop. (2018)

A one minute dance film.
A collaboration between David Alræk, Katrine Patry and Lisa Colette Bysheim.

Winner of Vestnorsk Filmsenter´s One minute film competition 2018.

Winner of Best Under One minute film at Critical Edge Film & Art Festival Network, 2018.



B-Open Cinema, Bergen, Norway (2019)

- 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, Pakistan (2019).

- Minimalen kortfilmfestival, Trondheim, Norway (2019).

- Stockholm Dancefilmfestival, Sweden, (2018). 

- Critical Edge Film & Art Festival Network, USA, (2018)

- Life screenings, Florida, USA, (2018).

-Secret Gardens in Museum Romeinse Katakomben in the Netherlands, (2018). 

- Aesthetics of movements in Copenhagen, Denmark (2018).

WAVE (2014)

A collaboration with filmmaker Marte Vingelsgaard

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