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Open Studio Sessions #


Photo by: Takumi Morozumi

Open Studio Session # is a playful and transparent sharing where the choreographic process is opened up and an audience is invited to experience how Bysheim works in the studio with dancers. It is an ongoing experiment where Bysheim leads a diverse group of performers through playful and open explorations/tasks that are given in front of the audience. A study unfolds as the dancers explore the relationship between movement, voice and text.


Through Open Studio Sessions # we explore the co-dependence of words and movement; challenging how they are understood in relation to each other. The aim is to disrupt and transform the meanings and associations that words and movement create. The session is an ongoing development of choreographic methods and approaches to working with live text in improvisation settings.


The process is documented through the lense of a photographer, who also  becomes a performer capturing moments from within the work.

Concept, Choreography & Methods: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Length: 60mins

Open Studio Session #1

23.jan 2020 @ Prøverommet//Verkstedet, KODE 2 Bergen, Norway

Dancers: Putli Hellesen, Emilie Marie Karlsen & Lisa Colette Bysheim

Open Studio Session #2

10. & 11. Sep 2020 @ Reception Gallery, Oslo National Arts Academy , Norway

Dancers: Putli Hellesen, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Anu Laiho, Dana Hamburgo & Ole Marius Støle

Photographer: Takumi Morozumi

Open Studio Session #3

30. April 2021 @ Scenehuset, International Day of Dance, Oslo, Norway

Event was live-streamed.

Dancers: Judith Arupa, Edith Strand Askeland, Erlend Danielsen, Anders Engebretsen, Ida Frømyr Borgen & Emilie Marie Karlsen.

Photographer: Dev Dhunsi

2020-01-28 08.53.32 1.jpg
2020-01-28 08.53.35 1.jpg
2020-01-28 08.53.29 1.jpg

Open Studio Sessions #1

Photos by Amalie Trones // Mørkerommet

2020-01-28 08.53.39 1.jpg
2020-01-28 08.53.54 1.jpg

Open Studio Sessions #2

Photos by Takumi Morozumi


Open Studio Sessions #3
Photos by Dev Dhunsi

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