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Ekko I

Photos by: Bertie Watson

Every body has a story; we are accumulations of experiences. Like a canvas that has been layered with paint, impressions, and forms, we are able to peel away one layer at a time to discover another beneath.


Ekko I is a solo exploring the different dimensions of echo within the body, space, time and movement. Inspired from a personal journey, this intimate performance explores how our past experiences affect who we are in the present, helping us define our future choices. The space opens up for the audience to experience a personal exploration about identity and gender, as told by the performer. 

Choreography & Performance: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Artistic Advisor: Solveig Styve Holte

Photography: Bertie Watson, Siri Mari Larsen, Matt Warner

Video production: Hendryk K. Kar

Length: 18mins

Funded & supported by: Bergen Kommune, FFUK and Bergen Dansesenter - regional kompetansesenter for dans.


- 20. August 2017, Mime Centrum, Berlin, Germany

- 23. April 2017 ,Ugly Duck, London, UK

- 24. April 2017, Ugly Duck, London, UK

- 17. December 2016, Mind the Gap, Oslo, Norway

- 18. December 2016, Mind the Gap, Oslo, Norway

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