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Ekko II 


Photos by: Linn Heidi Stokkedal
Ekko II is a solo dance piece exploring episodic memories and the physical traces they may leave in the body. Can the body retain memories that the mind has forgotten? The piece is a structured improvisation that investigates in real time the physical states memories can evoke. Movement unfolds, the body is the only source of sound—highlighting, amplifying and in contrast to the physical form of the improvisation. A self study examining the relationship between our minds and our bodies. Using the notion of  the body as an archive, the pieces aims to venture through the unknown and beyond— exploring what forms us and our understanding of who we are, and questioning who we are without our memories?

Concept, Choreography & Text: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Performance: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Artistic advisor: Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn

Sound Design: Gunnar Innvær

Costume Design: Sang Hoon Lee

Producer: Kristina Melbø Valvik

Co- produced by: BIT Teatergarasjen & Kunstgarasjen in Bergen.

Supported by: Bergen Dansesenter - regionalt kompetansesenter for dans and Kunsthuset Wrap

Funded by: Norwegian Arts Council, Bergen kommune and Fund for performing artists.

Length: 45mins


- In progress showing Dans en fest  1. sep 2018

co-produced by BIT Teatergarajsen, Carte Blanche and Bergen Dansesenter.

- 26. April 2019 Premiere BIT Teatergarasjen at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway

- 27. April 2019 BIT Teatergarasjen at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway  

- 8  June 2019 Scenehuset, Oslo, Norway 

- 9  June 2019 Scenehuset, Oslo, Norway 

- 23. June 2019 Officine Forte Marghera, Venice, Italy 

- 29. September 2019 Galleri F15 & Momentum, Moss, Norway

more to come.

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