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Photo Tonje Lona4.png
Photo by: Tonje Lona

Concept & Choreography: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Creative dancer: Edith Strand Akseland

Costume Design: Yuchen Duan

Sound Design: Guse (Gustav Jørgensen)

Documentation: Tonje Lona

Supported by: KHIO MA Choreography program

Length: 12mins


- 24 April 2020 GSF Skatepark, Oslo, Norway

- 07. May 2020 Online Streaming concert #3 for Ekornannekset 

- 05 Sep 2020 Bergen Fringe Festival, Bergen, Norway

Inspired by poet Anne Boyer, the solo moves through a landscape of power dynamics and layers of hierarchy while exploring gender as a social category. The choreographic structure is built up of layers of accumulated materials, micro-details, glitches and associations that challenge the qualities of the ambiguous female body and its stereotypes.


Using a minimal and repetitive vocabulary, nuances of spirals, weight and speed become the main components of a sensual and powerful performance.

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