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If This | Then


Photos by: Dev Dhunsi

A new work by Lisa Colette Bysheim which takes form as a site-specific performance in a warehouse. Premiere 18. October 2024 at CODA International Dance Festival!


If the first sentence doesn’t pull you in, then words consistently contain but are empty.

If This | Then is a site-specific performance in Urtegata 11. An immersive sound experience radiates through a two-dimensional speaker landscape. Through the fusion of deconstructed voice and movement, three female performers question, challenge, and re-construct hierarchies engrained in language. They immerse themselves in indeterminate situations, blurring distinct borders of categorisation. Voice, breath, and text are transposed into sonic landscapes that highlight the intricacies of the familiar and banal. Through the unfinished, unresolved, and undigested they play with the very fabric of linguistic expressions.


If This | Then is a new work by Lisa Colette Bysheim that embraces her choreographic practice of working with language, de-constructing power relations, and challenging perceptions of the female body. Though playful scenarios she considers how the female body is perceived, categorised, delimitated and shaped through language. She delves into unravelling preconceived ideas that govern our linguistic and societal norms.

An industrial warehouse sets a raw and unpolished scene. A place where vigorous voices spill over, words are fragmented, thrown around. The dancers’ unite in vibrant tableaus, a transparent process unfolds as they sample, recycle and reconstruct the materials in text, sound, voice and movement.

18. & 19. Oct 2024 CODA International Dance Festival Oslo

Artistic Team: 

Concept & Choreography: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Co-creating performers: Antonia Harke, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Magdalene Solli

Sound design: Mike McCormick

Light design: Randiane Sandboe

Discursive partner: Anette Therese Pettersen

Outside eye: Janne-Camilla Lyster 

Costume design: Golnaz Adham

Producer: Marte Golten

Photos: Dev Dhunsi


- CODA International Dance Festival (Oslo)

- Carte Blanche - Norwegian National Company for Contemporary Dance


Residency support:

- SE.S.TA Centre for Choreographic Development, Prague. 2022

- Tanz Fabrik Berlin, Germany, June 2024 

Funded by: 

Norwegian Arts Council Fri Scenekunst dans,

- Norwegian Arts Council komposisjon og produksjon av musikk,

- Bergen Kommune kulturutveksling.

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