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Photo by: Kasey Leigh-Davies

Dancer | Choreographer 

Lisa Colette Bysheim is a dancer and choreographer from Bergen, Norway. Her work centres around language; playing with ambiguous text and choreography to open and expand the experience of navigating through layers of meaning. She has a MA in Choreography from KHIO, Oslo and her works have been shown at venues including; The Norwegian National Ballet (Oslo), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen) CODA International Dance Festival (Oslo), Galleri F15 & Momentum (Moss), Officine Forte Marghera (Venezia), Spazju Kreattiv (Malta), Theaterforum Kreuzberg (Berlin). 

As a dancer, Bysheim has performed works by Janne-Camilla Lyster, Mia Habib, Yaniv Cohen, Ida Frømyr Borgen, Roskva Yasmin Andersen, TGO//4332, directors Helena Wik and Lene Therese Teigen. She has also developed improvisational works in collaboration with dancers, visual artists and musicians.


Her interests lie in the transformation and deconstruction of structures and systems, moving them into new unknown territories. She is curious to explore ideas of the centre, hierarchy and control by turning the concepts around, in their structural and systematic forms by allowing all parts involved to interact equally and connect non-sequentially.

In 2020-21 Bysheim was a part of The Norwegian National Ballet´s initiativ "Kvinnelig Koreografisk Satsning" and was commissioned to create a duet premiering at CODA International Dance Festival 2021.

Upcoming: Performances | Workshops | Residencies


Blue Carousel-the short version, DanseRom, Cornerteateret Bergen 25. March 

In-Betweenness, Galleri F15 & Momentum, Moss June tbc


Teaching - artistic practice, Høyskolen for Dansekunst, September

Body with | out face, Bears in the Park residency, Vienna 15. -28. May

If This | Then,  Verkstedsordning residency Proscen, Bergen 16. - 20 January


Blue Carousel-the short version, Ta Ordet, Universitetet i Bergen, 18. Nov

In-Betweenness, Oktoberdans/BIT Teatergarasjen 29. October 

In-Betweenness, Oktoberdans/BIT Teatergarasjen 28. October 

In-Betweenness, In2It International Dance Festival, Kristiansund 07. October  

Space as a cluster, Dance Festival Malta 28. -30.  July

Blue Carousel-the short version KoreografiLabratoriet, Dansens Hus Oslo 28.May

Blue Carousel-the short version, KoreografiLabratoriet, Dansens Hus Oslo 27. May

Blue Carousel-the short version, KoreografiLabratoriet, Dansens Hus Oslo 25. May

Blue Carouse-the short versionl, KoreografiLabratoriet, Dansens Hus Oslo 24. May


Body with | out face, Residency at Wrap Bergen, 11. - 22. July

If This | Then Residency at SE.S.TA, Centre for Choreographic Development Czech Republic 04 - 14 April

Teaching - artistic practice, Høyskolen for Dansekunst 28. March - 01 April

Sharing artistic practice, PRAXIS Praksis,  22. - 25. Feb

Body with | out face, Verkstedsordning residency Proscen, Bergen 7. - 10. February 


If This | Then research Mind The Gap 05.Dec

In-Betweenness CODA Int. Dance Festival Oslo Opera House 24. Oct

Open Studio Session #3 Int. Day of Dance, Scenehuset 30.April

If Only Oslo National Academy of Arts 24.March

If Only Oslo National Academy of Arts 23.March

If Only Oslo National Academy of Arts 22.March

If Only Oslo National Academy of Arts 19.March


Language is only a part of what´s going on Speaker Speaker Digital Launch 14.Nov

Entangled Materials Oktoberdans/BIT Teatergarasjen 29.Oct

Open Studio Session #2  Oslo National Academy of Arts 11.Sep

Open Studio Session #2  Oslo National Academy of Arts 10.Sep

Ambages Bergen Fringes Festival 05.Sep

Ambages Digital Streaming 07.May

Open Studio Session #2  Int. Day of Dance (cancelled) 26.April

Ambages GSF Skatepark Oslo, MA Choreography 24.April

Open Studio Session #1 PrøveRommet/BIT Teatergarsjen 23.Jan


Ekko II Galleri F15 & Momentum 29. Sep

ME(et)TEEN Spazju Kreattiv Artist in residency, Malta 01. - 15.July

Ekko II Forte Marghera, Venice, Italy 23. June

Ekko II Scenehuset, Oslo 09.June

Ekko II Scenehuset, Oslo 08.June

Ekko II BIT Teatergarasjen & Kunstgarasjen 27. April

Ekko II BIT Teatergarasjen & Kunstgarasjen 26.April

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