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If Only (2021)


The following page is an overview of the developed text material used in the performance.







Text from Introducing the elements

-Based on definition of key words, fragmented, working with the timing between, building and accumulating through repetition.


To suddenly give way              to imploding

Top, bottom, on the side of, over, under, through, below   (play with directions)


                  If one falls from within              separating selections of many

Into a knot,         a complex system of      co-dependance        as one


But if      the       in      a      as a


As the

Fall to gravity


In an uncontrolled


System of classification         inner contents      in fixed boundaries

Floating between the             difference


Time to dive deeper

Text from Introducing the elements

- CK sounding words as starting point in text, adding the collection of C words + in between words to create new meanings and associations. The combinations are explored during the performance and new occurrences may arise.


separating the interior contents from category


if only 

a container contains


if only

a container constrains 


if only 

a container collapses 


container contains


of contained categories 



constructed categories contain

ir—regular expectations

of controlled contents



Compare, collaborate /collaborator, connect, con, collection, coerce, collapse, communicate, co-operative, co-dependant, common category, collective, community, cat, create, corpse, coral, coming, cool, chameleon, creative , captivate, capture, control, collect, curse, cops, cunning, competitive, contain  /container, contour, continue, collide, compress, catalyst, catastrophe, captivity, captivating, culminate /culminating, cube, clock, click, clack, cat in a hat, calibrate /calibrating, capitalism, confusion, cut, coalition, contemporary, computing, contaminating, correlating , consuming, calculating, complicated, campaign, curriculum, culture, cover, call, catapulting, co-producing, canteen, corporate, companion, cupboard, continuum, concept, coincidence, collisions, concrete

Time text from G. Score

Playing and exploring aspects of time, adding associations and words to create new meanings. 


time time tame 

time times 

to times to three times 

take the  time to 

to time there, there time if there time 

in time in time over this this time taking the timings out of time 


to time to surround by two times


endless time creates time to lose time after time over time under time last time 

to time to time to time to to to time  tot to to to to to tu tu time TO TIME

(rhythmic play of sounds, based on too/to/tu/ti -- very fast play of staccato)



over time over line 


crossing time

Taking time 

Time lasts


next time

No time 

times up 


Time´s up

If Only text from G-Score


If Only

                        the symbol that stands for (                     ) represented something else

                        (Repeat several times, fill inn a K sounding words spelt with C)




Container - Cant tame her - Cunt haim err -

(Exploration task: using the word structure, fragment it, shorten and explore words that sound similar or alike, associations. Exploring how the word transforms)




Belongs inside a structure



Align - a line - lines align, a lining align - lines a line, align 

(Exploration task: using the sound of the words to generate new meanings, collective act)

Family Portrait texts

Based on mapping of definitions to keywords. Fragmentations and selections.


(in) current Thought(s) or actions. ?

Stuck in / structure





Building words

Don't break the rules

Rules are made to be broken



Classy hierarchy

Connect the dots

(a large drawing of dots in circular shape spreading outwards)


GOOD                                                                                            BAD (to categorise)






Please, let me swim

(tiny swim)


Footnotes explaining in detail, expanding of the limitations of being placed in a category



Surrounded by composition

Composed in structures 

Categories of separations

Classifications of qualities

The smallest parts possible




or actions. ? 

Through bones 

In my bones


Disappearing into

A past of words that swallow you

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