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Performativity Beyond the Body


Photos by: Cecilie A. Størkson
Prøverommet presented the exhibition Performativity Beyond the Body, a photo series and cross disciplinary exhibition exploring the relationship between architectural structures and the body.
Performativity Beyond the Body explores the encounter between photography, performance and video art based on dance and choreography. How do the three different disciplines relate to time and space, to each other and to the viewer?

The exhibition consists of a photo exhibition, video work and a choreographic dance sequence. All of them concerning body in space, body as surface and body as lines.

The exhibition is curated by dancer and choreographer Lisa Colette Bysheim and coordinator of Prøverommet Kristina Melbø Valvik.

Concept: Lisa Colette Bysheim & Kristina Melbø Valvik


Artist's invited in the exhibition:

Photographer: Kasey-Leigh Davies

Performance: Lisa Colette Bysheim, David Alræk & Katrine Patry

Video work: Lisa Colette Bysheim, David Alræk & Katrine Patry


10 min performance (presented 3 times)

7 min video work (looped)

Event produced by:

- 10th Dec 2018, Prøverommet, Tag Team Studio, Bergen, 

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