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If Only (2021)







Particularity of words

Anne Boyers poetic texts from her book “Garments Against Women” (2015) have been an important inspiration and reference throughout the development of the performance. The specific quote from “Science Fiction” (2015, pg.59) informed the thematic development of the text material; working with structures and categories. What I find interesting about Boyer´s writing is her ability to play with language to construct and deconstruct images which create new meanings in the reading of her work. The chosen words are particular as they create an atmosphere at the same time as they are concepts that can be elaborated on. Boyer targets the ways in which women, specifically, are subject to being categorised in a poetic and illustrative way. This particular paragraph been an inspiration for the development of the text materials and concept around categories/structures.

This text has been a central reference in physical and oral explorations throughout the research process. What resonates with my interest in Boyers work is how she uses language to admit the inadequacies of language itself. There’s a specificity of her language and word choices that touches on the devastating systems of exploitation by creating a space to see personal problems as structural. Boyer poses many things in the logical construction of if this /then that, which I find interesting as a tool to recreate meaning through juxtaposition. By exploring similarity and difference she uses language as a material, which I connect strongly with. In my understanding she works on opening the text up, refusing to be contained or limited to one specific meaning.

Anne Boyer - The Author


photo by: dev dhunsi

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