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If Only (2021)

Future thinking







Moving forwards

I would like to continue my research on mulitlinearity and deepen my understanding of how language is constructed, moves and transforms. Since the performance, I’ve been thinking about semantics, and the difference between denotative and connotative meaning. In the future, I would like to incorporate this into text and movement development— playing with the potential between the literal and poetic aspects of language. I’m also interested to explore formal systems of gestures, signs, sounds and symbols of language.


By working with fragmentation in movement and language, I have allowed myself to zoom in on particular interests. I am keen to see how zooming in/ zooming out could be used as a dramaturgical tool to weave/interlace materials and modules together. It would be exciting to use the existing strategies, themes and intentions that have been developed, and expand the format of the performance to a durational performance installation. The audience would be free to move around the space and see the work from different perspectives, potentially accentuating the multilinear experience that I've been working towards.

List of questions resonating

- Who are the performers and what do they represent?

- What states of presence do the performers enter in my work? Could they move in and out of performativity?

- How does the text I use in my work become the meaning maker?

- What does the text communicate?

- Does the focus become on the words/language rather than the relation between?

- Where is the importance of the word? Or what is being said?

- What is significant?

- What is said and how much in all of the text materials?

- What has more weight; text or the movement material?

- What is the movement material actually exploring in relation to the text?

- Where did the sound come from in the space? How is it moving? What power does it have? Questions of timing. Where does it take over? How does it build/transform throughout the performance?

-  Why is this important?

-  Can performances be experienced as multilinear? If so, how?

- Where does meaning arise? In language? Movement? Sound? In the meeting between all of the materials?

- What effect does repetition have?

- What resonates from the text material?

- What is said? What does it represent? Who says it?


photo by: dev dhunsi

photo by: dev dhunsi


Thank you

Supported by the MA Choreography program at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2019- 2021. 

Special thanks to: Janne-Camilla Lyster, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Per Roar Thorsnes, Anne-Grete Eriksen, Amanda Steggell & Bojana Cvejic for insightful conversations, support and guidance during the masters program. Thank you to my classmates Tendai Makurumbandi, Georgiana Dobre, Mariko Miyata Jancey and Viktoria Torp Sergiev.

A huge thank you to the artistic team: Mike McCormick, Eirik Lie Hegre, Anu Laiho, Putli Hellesen, Venla Niitemaa, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Ole Marius Støle, Nathan Neyaro, Clara Carstensen Heinius & Linus Saxvik.

A big thank you to the dancers that have taken part in explorations and research periods: Mina Weider, Judith Arupa, Chollada Phintduang, Nadege Kubwayo, Madeleine Fairminer. 

Documentation: Antero Hein

Photography: Dev Dhunsi, Oliver Paulson & Takumi Morozumi

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