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Fugue - fju:g/

Photos by Hanne Aga

Fugue - fju:g/ is an intimate performance that investigates the creative process of how sound and movement are connected in a traditional yet modern form. Two performers meet in the space directing their attention to each other - sensing, listening, communicating.


In this collaboration Bysheim and Schjelderup have based the exploration of the piece on Fugue´s contrapuntal compositional technique. The duo's artistic exploration explores the borders between sound-movement, body-vibration and communication-silence. 

Choreography & performance: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Composer & performer: Fredrick Schjelderup

Light design: Eirik Lie Hegre

Artistic advisor: Irene Theisen, Chollada Phintduang

& Malin Vangsnes


7mins, 20mins & 30mins

Supported and funded by: Bergen Kommune, FFUK, Bergen Danse Senter - regional kompetansesenter for dans, Musikkhuset til Eikanger-Bjørsvik musikklag og Bydelshuset på Meyermarken.


18. September 2017   Prestasjonskonferansen Vest, Bergen Norway

23  February 2017      Dans/5, Oslo, Norway

24. February 2017      Dans/5, Oslo, Norway

19. February 2016      Frontlosjefestivalen, Bergen Norway

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