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 Body with | out face
research project with Sophia Latysheva

2022 - 2025

Photos by: Latysheva

Idea, Concept, & Creative Development:

Lisa Colette Bysheim & Sophia Latysheva

Sound explorations: Mike McCormick

Visuals and Projections: Eirik Lie Hegre

Supported by Norwegian Arts Council  Forprosjekt & Proscen.


07. - 10. feb 2022      Verkstedsordningen, Proscen, Bergen, Norway

17. - 22. April 2022   Performing Arts Forum, France

11. - 22. July 2022      Wrap Bergen, Norway

January 2023             Vienna 

With this project we wish to explore the face as a point of departure informed by Giorgio Agamben´s thinking. In Agamben's sense, the face is a location of what we project and how we are perceived. We, Bysheim and Latysheva are curious to transpose the signifiers in language, gestures, and expression by engaging with body and language as: another layer of body-language. We are curious to explore power relations of the body by playing with the ambiguity of dichotomies in order to open and expand layers of their meaning.


“The human face reproduces the duality that constitutes it within its own structure, that is, the duality of proper and improper, of communication and communicability, of potentiality and act.” 

- Means Without End, Notes on Politics, G. Agamben, 1996

In our artistic delving we take face as a word and explore the link between physical and linguistic communication. We are curious to transpose the signifiers in language, gestures, and expression by playing with body and language as: another layer of body-language. We want to explore the social constructs of behaviour that inform how we “read” body-language as a form of power roles. We ask ourselves what power does body language have? How can the body and face have different communicative functions, yet be so connected as a whole? Everything is activated in speech, through language: everything communicates; expression, gesture, voice, tonality, eyes, gaze. Body is hidden. Face is open/seen. What is a body without a face? How does it communicate? How can dichotomies of physicality influence and take a position of authority? 

With these questions in mind, we are curious to use digital media as a tool to transform the gaze and perspectives to look at power relations and communicative functions between body, technology and language. We want to develop a choreographic score that plays with the signifiers of codes, gestures, and rituals of communication. With these themes and questions in focus we would like to research and discover what occurs in the meeting between the digital and analogue body, language, sculpture and text.

This is an ongoing project that will be developed through various research fases resulting in a production in 2025. 

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