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Body with | out face
research project with Sophia Gatzkan

2022 - 2023


This is a research project (2022 - 2023) where we, Lisa Colette Bysheim and Sophia Gatzkan have been researching how to use technology as a tool to transform the gaze and perspectives, to look at power relations between the female body, language, sculpture and text/sound.

We explored the potential between the analogue body and the technological extension of the body through sound and video projection. We discovered that parallel realities could be created through fragmentation of an image, body, text and sound. These fragments had the potential to open up “viewers” imagination and inform associative thinking. We experimented with different approaches of filming the body as a landscape; working with closeups of micro-movements of the body as a superimposed gaze. Through various meshing/glitching processes we discovered that this had to potential to challenge and play with the perception of time and space— a glitched feedback loop and delayed translation of the language through the impulses of the body.

As we began exploring technology as an extension of the body, larger questions around fiction and reality began to arise. We encircled the subjects of control, manipulation, technology, influences of the body, intimacy and desire. A reoccurring and important theme has been the gaze — how the body is looked at, but also working with the performers gaze as an informative choreographic material that changes the reading of situations. Another important discovery in our research has been our interest in the female body or femmembodiment, as well as erotic aesthetic.

Experiments with liquid latex material, Bears in the Park Residency, Vienna 2023.
Experiments with body cast in latex material, PAF France 2022 

We are curious to continue and build onto our research project and are currently developing the concept for a new interdisciplinary performance planned for 2025-26.

Developing onwards we want to delve into speculative fiction; creating a futuristic world where the power of the gaze takes center stage, exploring the concept of femmembodiment through a cyberpunk-western perspective. We are curious to explore the ways in which technology and the power of gaze can be used to subvert traditional power structures and create new possibilities for self-expression and empowerment. We would like to circle around concepts of: erotic aesthetic, objectification and vulnerability, power, fantasy & desire, resistance, devices as enhancement and amplifications of the body.

Idea, Concept, & Creative Development:

Lisa Colette Bysheim & Sophia Gatzkan

Sound explorations: Mike McCormick

Visuals and Projections: Eirik Lie Hegre


Funded by: Norwegian Arts Council  Forprosjekt & Bergen Kommune.

Residency support: Wrap, Proscen Verkstedsordning, PAF & Bears in the Park Wien.


07. - 10. feb 2022      Verkstedsordningen, Proscen, Bergen, Norway

17. - 22. April 2022   Performing Arts Forum, France

11. - 22. July 2022      Wrap, Bergen, Norway

15. - 28. May 2023     Bears in the Park, Vienna, Austria 

Images from the research process

Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 01.10.58.png
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 01.10.39.png
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 01.10.28.png
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