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If Only (2021)

Manifesto for performativity







I want to decentre the role of language as meaning maker. I want the understanding to be created in the space between language and movement.

I want precise movement. I want the performers to be clear in their movement intention, even though one can be in an unknown place in an exploration.

I want performers to be in the moment, not to go searching for them or reproducing previous explorations.

I want potentiality to play a central role in my choreographic work and process. It’s through states of presence, listening, attention that the work arises. This is where understanding transforms, in the potentials that arise from the explorations.

I want to see the enjoyment of taking risks, working with missed connections and embrace accidents.

I want to create multilinear performances. Audiences are continuously making assumptions and attempting to create meaning based on linear experiences. I want to challenge this and create a space for collective listening and thinking.

Knowledge is produced within the group through accumulated and shared experiences. This requires time to fail, explore and expand the collective understanding.

Everything is important—every tiny detail. Enjoy the unknown and searching.

I want to create a culture for the performers to work in an open and playful manner in a creative process.

I want to encourage failure and to embrace the potential outcomes. If everything goes smoothly, it is not the interesting. There is a need for friction. Something must be at stake.

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