Open Studio Sessions #


Photos by: Amalie Trones/ Mørkerommet

In Open Studio Session # by Lisa Colette Bysheim, a group of dancers will move through a landscape exploring how words and verbal text can be an extension and partner to movement. The choreographic work explores the relationship between verbal text and movement set in improvisation. 


In Open Studio Sessions # Bysheim opens up her choreographic process and allows an audience to experience how she works in the studio with a group of dancers. The session is an ongoing development of choreographic methods and approaches to working with live text in improvisation settings. The session is part of Bysheim's master's project at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 

Concept, Choreography & Methods: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Photographer of process: Takumi Morozumi

Supported by: KHIO MA Choreography program

Open Studio Session #1

23.jan 2020 @ Prøverommet//Verkstedet, KODE 2 Bergen, Norway

Dancers: Putli Hellesen, Emilie Marie Karlsen & Lisa Colette Bysheim

Open Studio Session #2

26. april 2020 @ Scenehuset during Dansens Dager, Oslo, Norway

Dancers: Putli Hellesen, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Judith Arupa, Mina Weider & Edith Strand Akseland