MA Choreography project


Photo by: Takumi Morozumi

Concept & Choreography  Lisa Colette Bysheim

Sound design: Mike McCormick

Photographer of process: Takumi Morozumi

Dancers: Putli Hellesen, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Anu Laiho, Venla Niitemaa & Ole Marius Støle. 

Supported by: KHIO MA Choreography program

Entangled Materials is the working title for Lisa Colette Bysheim´s master project in choreography at Oslo National School of Arts which will premiere March 2021. The work sits at the intersection of spoken words and choreography, exploring the engrained hierarchies and power dynamics between language and movement. 


Five performers move through a landscape of spoken words, microphone cords, sound and movement. Words diverge from the pathways of the body, uncontrollably, in chaos, into the seeping sounds of whispers from the space. Images and associations dissolve and are rearranged as the voice takes over, mapping a terrain of voice and movement, while trying to contain the collapse.



but if                (only)

a container contains,

the contents collapsing