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If This | Then


Photos by: Dev Dhunsi

A new work by Lisa Colette Bysheim which takes form as a performance installation in a warehouse. Premiere at CODA International Dance Festival 2024!

A structured system of rules and signs; language carries meaning — describing, defining, communicating, inviting us to see, sense, and listen. If This | Then is a durational choreographic and sound performance exploring the construction of language, it's connections and how it moves. The performance questions how and where meaning is constructed in multilinear ways through movement, sound, and text. If This | Then will create a space for audiences to fantasise and speculate; finding their own assosiative logic by playfully questioning the building blocks of language and its pre-established social constructions.


Artistic Team 

Concept & Choreography: Lisa Colette Bysheim

Performers & Dance: Emilie Marie Karlsen, Ameli Isungset Agbota,

Sound design: Mike McCormick

Light design: Randiane Sandboe

Dramaturgy: Janne-Camilla Lyster 

Scenography: Sophia Gatzkan? 

Costume design: Golnaz Adham

Photos: Dev Dhunsi



Co- producers:

- CODA International Dance Festival (Oslo)

- Carte Blanche - Norwegian National Company for Contemporary Dance


In dialogue with Borealis Festival and BIT Teatergarasjen for performances in Bergen, March 2025.


Residency support:

- SE.S.TA Centre for Choreographic Development, Prague. 2022

- Tanz Fabrik Berlin, Germany, June 2024 (partial supported residency)

- Samvirket i Fjaler / Preform AS, Dale, Norway, September 2024


Lisa Colette Bysheim (1991) and Katrine Patry (1986) have collaborated since 2018 creating several choreographic and video works. They play with humour to question, challenge and criticise power roles. They work specifically with “the spectacular” as a tool for exploring soft power and seduction. Bysheim and Patry seek to transform and deconstruct power relations, critique objectification of the body and question larger roles of authority.

They are currently working with I.C.A.P to build international touring opportunities for this performance in Canada and Europe. 

Please contact for more information. 


CODA International Dance Festival Oslo (12. Feb 2024) 

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