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Blue Carousel 


Photo by: Bysheim/Patry

They swagger and parade,

They dance and display,

Mesmerising funkiness morphing into shapes.

A side step. Head bobs. Body bouncing. 

Spectacular exhaustion, 

Of ornaments of seduction. 

Blue Carousel is a satire of the phenomenon of seduction. We are inspired by the highly intricate seduction techniques of birds as a starting point to explore the play of signs and their meaning. We are curious to transpose the behaviour of male birds mating dance into the human body and explore its significance. Two women like birds of paradise, a serious parade in all its absurdity.

In our collaborative work, we are interested in the spectacle of seduction as a tool to look at power relations. In the act of an eye-catching public display, we want to discover who has the power: the exhibitor or the spectator? Is this reversible or exchangeable? We will research how birds mating dance can be related to pop-culture, questioning what is socially accepted/expected vs the absurdity in the unexpected. We wish to use humour and satire as an entrance to look at power relations. In this research project we want to discover if and how insistence has a key role in making seduction an effective tool in the games of power.

Foto- Tale Hendnes-Dansens Hus 2022-45.jpg
Foto- Tale Hendnes-Dansens Hus 2022-26.jpg

Idea, Concept, Choreography and Dance:

Lisa Colette Bysheim & Katrine Patry

Sound design & Live Dj:


Outside eye:

Magnus Myhr

Special thank you to:

Chollada Phinitduang

Photographer of process: Dev Dhunsi

Photos: Tale Hendnes

Length: 20mins

Supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Dansens Hus -Koreografilabratoriet.


- 24th May 2022         Dansens Hus, Koreografilabratoriet 2022 

- 25th May 2022         Dansens Hus, Koreografilabratoriet 2022

- 27th May 2022         Dansens Hus, Koreografilabratoriet 2022

- 28th May 2022         Dansens Hus, Koreografilabratoriet 2022

- 18h Nov 2022           Ta Ordet, Universitetet i Bergen

- 25th March 2023      DanseRom, Cornerteateret Bergen 2023

Foto- Tale Hendnes-Dansens Hus 2022-57.jpg
Foto- Tale Hendnes-Dansens Hus 2022-53.jpg
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